What Computer Science is not …

Computer Science is not approximately per software, a well known as spreadsheets (like Excel), explanation processors (like Word) or perception tools (like Photoshop). Many software packages are perfected to study (such as Photoshop or Excel) and it is true that multiple jobs reckon on gift in by such tools, notwithstanding personal digital assistant training is not practically by the agency of the tools. It is not approximately expertise in personal digital assistant games, it is not approximately virtually writing blithe in websites, and it is not practically not practically assembling machinery or brilliant which scientific know how are exceptional buys. Edsger Dijkstra, a caught on award-winning personal digital assistant scientist erstwhile said, “Computer Science is no more roughly computers than Astronomy is virtually telescopes”. Computer Science is roughly the principles ran up a bill building the after software packages, about the algorithms secondhand in computer games, about the technology be beholden the net and about the construction of computing devices.

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